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Posted on February 14th, 2010 by Nico

Dear all,

As you might have gathered, we have been without a good internet connection since approximately the 2nd of February. This coincides with our journey south in Libya, from Tripoli in the direction of Al Aweinat, not that we ever made it that far.

We left the tarmac at the beautiful World Heritage Site of Ghadames, with our guide and friend Ahmed, accompanied by the desert-prepared truck of our newfound German friends Harry and Elk. After 2 days of hard driving and some grueling rollercoaster rides in the sand dunes, we parted ways due to irreconcilable troubles between our guides. This involved entry into forbidden areas along the Algerian border, which our guide refused. I will explain more in the soon to appear travel story about this leg of our trip.

Anyway, we tried to get back from our reasonable safe location to the civilized world, when we got stuck to the axles in sand. After 3 hours of digging, with darkness descending, we decided to get better directions than our GPS provided by driving to a petrol plant in the distance, and asking to use their telephone. To our surprise, we were greeted by an Algerian. The other guide had led us way to far west, and the border on our GPS was clearly off by quite some kilometers!

Anyway, this little excursion cost us three nights. As a result we have had to change our plans in Libya, skipping the rest of the south and extending our stay until the 13th of February. We are now in Egypt, and hope to keep the illegal border crossings to a minimum...

We are doing fine, though still a bit exhausted of the race to get to the Egyptian border in time. I will do my best to get up to date with full travel stories as soon as possible...

For now, Salaam Aleichem from the land of the Pharaohs,

Nico and Melody


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